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Giving and taking away

April 6, 2007

Losing a friend

“Phil, you’ll just never believe this.

“A friend of mine, his name was Jerry — I’ve known him for about 10 years — he got killed in an accident on Monday night. What’s unbelievable is that he was run over by a firetruck from 426 Division, and the guy driving the truck was the same guy in the same truck who saved my ass a few weeks ago when I got hit by that car. Anyway, the firetruck driver was so shaken up he couldn’t move the truck off my friend’s chest. Even the Chief couldn’t do it. Then the firetruck driver finds out it’s Jerry he just ran over, and he knew Jerry all the way back in high school.

“I can’t believe it myself.”

From Tony’s cold case files

December 24, 2006

Tony describes a case

“I’ve got this regular, she comes by most days. Now this one’s a real case. It’s always the same thing. Maybe she’s got a thing for me. Anyway, she’s goes on about how I should take better care of myself like I should go to the shelters, I should get the free meals at places they have for homeless folks — she doesn’t stop. Then she tells me that there’s a nice soup kitchen up at Eglinton [approx. 5 miles away]. Of course, for her it’s not too far but I’ve only got my bike. Anyway, I’ve told her a hundred times that they won’t feed me there anyway since I’m not from the area. So then she starts going on about how I’ve got stuff to be thankful for anyway, since I’ve got my health and that kind of stuff. Anyway she goes on like that for an hour and then she goes up the street and she hardly ever leaves me anything. She’s pretty unbelievable.”

PS: Per our posting on Dec. 20th for those wishing to give money to Tony, bank accounts have now been opened at Scotiabank. Particulars will be available here next week, once the branches have been notified, etc. The intent is to enable anyone in Canada to securely and transparently give money to Tony and/or to registered charities that are focussed on homelessness. Given the season, all of this is taking a bit longer than normal. Thanks for your interest and support.

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