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November 28, 2007

Sigmund Clemens

“You’re coughing again.”

“You’re telling me! It’s pushing my gut through my stomach muscles now.”

“Why don’t you go down to St. Joe’s and see a doctor?”

“No point.”


“They’ll just write me up a prescription, but how’m I going to pay for it?”

“Come on, Tony, there’s got to be a government drug payment scheme for people in your situation.”

“Yeah, I’m working on that.”


The girl next door, interrupted

June 1, 2007

Birds and bees

“I remember when I was about 9 year old, I was on the roof of our house and I fell off. I was up there learning about sex with about the girl from next door. I didn’t know nothing about sex, so she was kind of teaching me if you know what I mean. We were just getting going when I felt someone grabbing my ankle — later I found out it was my Mom who grabbed me. Anyway, I took off across the roof and just fell right off. I was a bit knocked out after that but I remember my Mom coming over to me and she asked what I was doing up on the roof before. Of course, I tell her nothing much. So we go inside, and I’m still not figuring out that I don’t have my pants on. So next thing you know, the girl comes to our front door and gives my pants to my Mom.

“I was off girls for a while after that.”

PS: Tony to the emergency ward at St. Joseph’s Hospital earlier this week and was advised to begin using a Ventolin (or equivalent) aerosol pump to keep him breathing properly. As such, he needs a regular supply of them. If anyone knows an inexpensive means of acquiring them, Tony would love to hear from you. Please add a comment below or click me at philip [@] Thanks.

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