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The Good Samaritan

June 12, 2007

The Good Samaritan

“What happened to you?”

“I fell down on the sidewalk over on Sunday, just around the corner there on Sorauren where Dundas is. So when I come to, I’ve got this big scratch along the side of my head here, and I could feel my body tingling all over. You know, nobody helped me get back up for 20 minutes until this Good Samaritan, this Polish guy, he helped me stand up.

“Anyway, yesterday I went down to emergency and the doc says I’ve got to watch what I eat since I’ve got a hairline break up in the bone in my cheek. So now I can’t eat anything that’s too chewy and the doc said I was — well I’m not going to repeat what he said if it’s going on the blog.

“If this keeps up, one day I’m going to hurt myself.”

The girl next door, interrupted

June 1, 2007

Birds and bees

“I remember when I was about 9 year old, I was on the roof of our house and I fell off. I was up there learning about sex with about the girl from next door. I didn’t know nothing about sex, so she was kind of teaching me if you know what I mean. We were just getting going when I felt someone grabbing my ankle — later I found out it was my Mom who grabbed me. Anyway, I took off across the roof and just fell right off. I was a bit knocked out after that but I remember my Mom coming over to me and she asked what I was doing up on the roof before. Of course, I tell her nothing much. So we go inside, and I’m still not figuring out that I don’t have my pants on. So next thing you know, the girl comes to our front door and gives my pants to my Mom.

“I was off girls for a while after that.”

PS: Tony to the emergency ward at St. Joseph’s Hospital earlier this week and was advised to begin using a Ventolin (or equivalent) aerosol pump to keep him breathing properly. As such, he needs a regular supply of them. If anyone knows an inexpensive means of acquiring them, Tony would love to hear from you. Please add a comment below or click me at philip [@] Thanks.

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