Giving no quarter

August 16, 2007

Saul to Paul

“Did I ever tell you about this guy who tossed me a quarter and he says to me:, ‘I hope you aren’t gonna use that for cocaine.’ So I say ‘excuse me,’ and then said to him that I didn’t use cocaine and he could take back his quarter if he wanted.

“Then he comes back another time and says that he was wrong to say what he said.

“You know, now we’re best buddies.”

6 Responses to “Giving no quarter”

  1. Claudia Says:

    Guilt… that is what I feel when I walk past the many many people holding the hat out on Hastings street. I have given water and food, but never money.

    I just wish I could feel alright about saying “NO, no change, sorry.” (even though I usually have change). I just think”I don’t want my money helping someone get numb.”~maybe irrational but thats what I think.

    Plus I always have my kids with me and I know that I have an obligation to them first. I don’t think I would say to anyone “you better not use it for drugs” though. It’s good that they were able to become friends. 🙂

  2. henry Says:

    What a cheek.
    When we flip our billions in taxes to our governments we should be saying ‘I hope you don’t spend this on cocaine or prostitutes or killing people’.
    But, of course, this is exactly what they do. All of it. All the time.

  3. Maya Says:

    great points Henry. I personally try to give money whenever i can. If I see someone in the distance i try to get some money out. Also I try to look the homeless person in the eyes, say something – not how are you – just a comment like its hot, or are you hot, you know, just to show Im aware of the person and I care. as i do.

    one person at a time, one day at a time..

  4. 403girl Says:

    I work at a shelter and if i gave a quarter to everyone who asked me, well, my purse would be empty (and my bank account). When I’m on the street and someone asks i usually say no… but once in awhile I will… I’d rather buy someone lunch… but if I have a good feeling the person will use the change wisely (as in – not spend it on drugs or booze), then i think its ok.

  5. drmiketemp Says:

    Gotta agree with 403girl but I do give out single ride bus passes when asked.

  6. It was a bloody quarter

    What not to say to a homeless guy. And who can get coke for a lousy quarter?…

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