Tony’s responsibilities

April 12, 2007

Since my schedule changed last month, I’ve been working long hours. Which means that I see Tony somewhat less often. Nonetheless, I just expect him to be there when I am there, an attitude that I have of no other friend. But, in Tony’s case, since he’s homeless, I implicitly assume that he must take the responsibility to maintain and expand our friendship.

As close as I am to him, I place that expectation on Tony. Like he needs it.

Unconscious attitudes, they rule.

2 Responses to “Tony’s responsibilities”

  1. unknowned Says:

    Hmmm………. Interesting?

  2. awareness Says:

    I can relate……

    Those loud pings of personal awareness……the assumptions and sometimes biases we carry around seem to show up in the weirdest ways….

    good for you to acknowledge it and move on.

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