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Tony’s responsibilities

April 12, 2007

Since my schedule changed last month, I’ve been working long hours. Which means that I see Tony somewhat less often. Nonetheless, I just expect him to be there when I am there, an attitude that I have of no other friend. But, in Tony’s case, since he’s homeless, I implicitly assume that he must take the responsibility to maintain and expand our friendship.

As close as I am to him, I place that expectation on Tony. Like he needs it.

Unconscious attitudes, they rule.

Update on the update

March 24, 2007

Well, it’s come to this: If you see Tony, have him call me. Despite having been up and down Roncesvalles a dozen times in the last several days, I’ve not seen him, even following up on the sightings of those of you who have.

Update on that missing Tony

March 22, 2007

Apparently, everyone has seen him except me (see readers’ comments in previous post).

This is when Tony’s lack of phone and street address really gets in the way. Anyway, he’s evidently alive and kicking, and I’m bound to run into him sooner or later.

Tony is missing

March 20, 2007

He’s been missing for several days. Updates as and when.

Tony’s great breakfast yesterday

November 15, 2006

“Hi, how are you?”

“I feel like crap — what do you think?

“Hey, I got myself a nice breakfast yesterday. I went down to my regular restaurant [approx a mile away; Tony generally rides his bike to get around]. I ordered the biggest one [breakfast] on their menu. It was a stack of 6 pancakes, bacon, ham, 3 three eggs, hash browns, toast and 2 cups of coffee. It set me back about 15 bucks [not the same $15 that was mentioned in the Nov. 11 post].

“When I was down at breakfast, someone stole my new backpack that someone had left for me. All my change in my hat got stolen too. I think I know who did it. He’s always doing something.”

Letter to the editor of the Globe and Mail

November 3, 2006

My letter to the editor published today in the Globe and Mail was triggered by the eye-popping irrationality of yesterday’s Facts & Arguments essay. In summary, the offending essay observes that homeless people are the unhappy product of their own “choices”, and that a proportion of homeless people sometimes spend their hard-begged money to buy themselves fancy lattes. The author declares: “Whether right or wrong, misinformed or wishful, this is the inescapable conclusion that keeps me, and many others as well, walking right past those cardboard “Spare Change? Need Food” signs without a second thought.”

Is moral blindness a choice?

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