Tony is missing

March 20, 2007

He’s been missing for several days. Updates as and when.

11 Responses to “Tony is missing”

  1. /pd Says:

    yeah I was wondering why no chatter from this feed.. hope he’s doing ok !!

  2. LC Says:

    He’s fine… I saw him today… he’s trying to “get dinner”.

  3. Kate Says:

    Apparently someone at AG wanted him away from the store for a few days.

  4. jayherron Says:

    yeah…he’s our main star!!
    …tell him spring is coming!

  5. denguy Says:

    I saw him last night.

  6. unknowned Says:

    Someone stole the cookie from the cookie Jar.
    Tony’s not missing
    He’s been banned from his location , so I am sure he’s looking for a new 1.
    Have a good day and yes Spring has arrive.

  7. required? Says:

    rumour has it hes hanging around the sunshine grill

  8. jen Says:

    glad Den saw him. keep us posted.

  9. denguy Says:

    “Someone stole the cookie from the cookie Jar. Tony’s not missing he’s been banned from his location”

    What’s that supposed to mean?

  10. unknowned Says:

    Truths are Important part of life and when we deceive others the truth is to be known and always come out whether we want it to or not.
    Do not deceive your fellow man, when he is trying to help you .

  11. ljs Says:

    he’s across the street from the revue movie theatre.

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