Update on that missing Tony

March 22, 2007

Apparently, everyone has seen him except me (see readers’ comments in previous post).

This is when Tony’s lack of phone and street address really gets in the way. Anyway, he’s evidently alive and kicking, and I’m bound to run into him sooner or later.

9 Responses to “Update on that missing Tony”

  1. unknowned Says:

    Truths are Important part of life and when we deceive others the truth is to be known and always come out whether we want it to or not.
    Do not deceive your fellow man, when he is trying to help you .

  2. grace Says:

    cryptic much?

  3. henry Says:

    i don’t think that the truth always comes out at all, in fact i know your theory to be manifestly untrue.

    and i don’t much care for your commandment either.

    best regards,

  4. mary Says:

    I believe what Shakespeare said about the “tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive”, but agree sometimes truth goes to the grave with the untruthful one; that it never gets told. I agree with the “commandment” that it isn’t nice to deceive people who help you. For what my opinion is worth!

  5. unknowned Says:

    Well I though that this form was for everyone to have there say but it to appears not to be that way.
    I have wrote the truth as I know it but it hasn’t been released for all to read as far as I can tell.
    Because I am sure if it was released in here for all to read there would be many more comments. With my own experience I have found that truths do come out maybe not every thing but enough to confirm what I have written ( which is awaiting Moderation for the last 3 days and has not been released).
    I know most people never want to hear the truth. I have always want the truth. I learn something about a friend today which I had suspected all along and my friend confirmed what I had been thinking and confessed it all. So when I say the truth comes out I believe it does to some point.

  6. unknowned Says:

    Which part do you say is untrue?
    Are you saying that it is alright to deceive someone who trys to lend a helping hand (commandment)?
    Please explain think I missed something.

  7. Tony Says:

    As unknowned says, I have pulled three of his/her comments, something I have not done before. I have done so here because they identify and put 3rd parties in a bad light, and are defamatory to Tony. All unknowned’s claims may be true, but there are limits, and IMO these comments trangress those limits. To be sure, I hardly have a full view of Tony’s life and indeed, his actions may regularly be counter-productive, and he may even bite the hand that feeds him — but surely this is behaviour to be expected from many long-term homeless people. Nonetheless, Tony’s a human being worthy of respect (and aid), as are we all in similar circumstances. Whether we believers or not, there but for the grace of god go us all.


  8. henry Says:

    you say the truth always comes out and i know it doesn’t. therefore what you have said is untrue.

    your wholly unchristian commandment implies that by choosing to bestow your ‘help’ that you are setting up some kind of contract between yourself and your helpee and that that contract will be on your terms and as you see fit.

    why i don’t like your lordly pronouncement is that you obviously think you own people and you get the sniff when they don’t behave as you think they should and aren’t grateful to you.

  9. unknowned Says:

    We all believe differently and all have different ideas of truth. I wasn’t talking about someones whole life story, Those truths may never be known.
    I do believe that every day truths or should I say the small things that are lied about each day. Even like saying Have you got some change for a coffee or I need some food. When you sometimes know the person you gave it to went to get a drink or a drug( I have seen this happen to many times.) So now I give , when you ask for coffee or food I offer to buy whats being asked for.This to you may sound Like if I give I want control. Not true.
    I just feel that I worked hard for my life style which isn’t much and I use milk in my coffee and KD can’t afford cream. So I am not much better off than someone who is home less. I do have roof over my head and make sure I can eat ever day, cause I know I would never make it on the streets. So I do what I can for my self and have to use Food banks at times.
    So as far as truth goes hope this explains me more.
    I believe everyone should live the way they want and choose.
    But If you choose a way of life do not Blame others if they have a little more then you or make others feel you have been cheated in life, if its the life you have chosen. Live it to your hearts content.
    Do you mean that its all right when someone helps you out here and there for you to stiff them ?? Once you have used them all up, I guess you move on to next person and start all over.I believe if you give there is no contract but the I do think being Grateful or at least a thank you would surfice. I Just don’t like being deceived when I do something good for some one . Have a good day.

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