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Sense and sensibilities

April 28, 2007


“You should have seen this. Back on Thursday, these two ladies were shopping at the Korean fruit and vegetable store down on the corner. And they left the there baby carriage just near the door, and it starts rolling down the sidewalk going towards the street. So I’m shouting about it and this guy — I’ve never seen him before — he goes and rescues the carriage before there’s any trouble. Those ladies don’t seem to hardly care, even though there was for sure a baby in there. And when they’re finished shopping, they walk up the street plaughing, and I said to them: ‘ You know, you can by fruits and vegetables anywhere, but you can’t buy a new baby.’ So one of them gives me the finger and they just keep walking.”

“They gave you the finger?”

“Yup. With a moms like that, you know kids are gonna be messed up.”

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