Sense and sensibilities

April 28, 2007


“You should have seen this. Back on Thursday, these two ladies were shopping at the Korean fruit and vegetable store down on the corner. And they left the there baby carriage just near the door, and it starts rolling down the sidewalk going towards the street. So I’m shouting about it and this guy — I’ve never seen him before — he goes and rescues the carriage before there’s any trouble. Those ladies don’t seem to hardly care, even though there was for sure a baby in there. And when they’re finished shopping, they walk up the street plaughing, and I said to them: ‘ You know, you can by fruits and vegetables anywhere, but you can’t buy a new baby.’ So one of them gives me the finger and they just keep walking.”

“They gave you the finger?”

“Yup. With a moms like that, you know kids are gonna be messed up.”

2 Responses to “Sense and sensibilities”

  1. Sue Says:

    Ronces is getting kinda posher, and the friendly families and whatnot are slowly being replaced by angry lookin’ yuppy families. I live not far from the Korean veggie mart Tony is talking about. During the winter on a garbage day morning a ton of snow came down and jammed the sidewalks and roads up but good. I was just coming out of my house when some lady starts whipping my garbage cans up onto my lawn spilling garbage everywhere. I shouted at her and she said I shouldn’t block the sidewalk with my cans when strollers need to get by. I told her that it looked to me as if she needed some space on the sidewalk that the ton of snow was taking up – that I didn’t know was comin’ down the night before – and instead of just moving my cans to the side she decided to whip them 3 freakin’ metres into my front lawn. I added that she could have even asked me to move my cans as I was on my porch getting my mail (I didn’t see her until I heard the cans hitting the lawn) and I would have been happy to do so being a stroller pusher myself. She told my to fuck off and gave me the finger and just strolled off without picking my garbage up, or even helping me do so.

    I am not knocking parents. I have often said Parkdale-High Park is the awesomest place to raise kids – ever!!! It just seems as if a lotta grumpy self-righteous yuppy parents with thousand dollar strollers have moved in as house prices jump. If garbage can tossin’ lady is that grumpy at me, and I didn’t even do anything to piss her off, then I can’t even imagine how happy she will be with her kid when they spill grape juice on the white rug in the den.

  2. Lori V. Says:

    Holy shit. People like this make me feel like Mother of the Year!

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