I should have been my sister

December 8, 2006

Tony remembering the days of ironing

“My mom would always say that my sister should have been me [Tony] and I should have been her [Tony’s sister]. I could do the chores better than she did.

“I’ll give you a funny example. Back in the days, instead of my wife doing the ironing, it would be me. See, she [Tony’s wife] learned that I could iron pants better, so they would have a good crease. You just got to have a dish towel and some brown paper. You fold the brown paper tight where the crease is and then you wet down the dish towel a bit. Then you put the towel over the paper and iron it and the pants come out perfect. Once my mom said you could almost cut butter with one of my creases.”

5 Responses to “I should have been my sister”

  1. Dickson Coatworthy Says:

    I enjoy ironing too. Find it relaxing. It’s a dying art. My mom taught me how to iron shirts: first the collar, cuffs, and button seams, then arms, then body, then shoulders…

    Saw you today, Tony, on your bike down Macdonell… You looked pretty happy. What keeps you happy?

  2. Tina Says:

    Tony! You are on the web! S’awesome! You gots almost 2,500 hits too. Y’see, this neighbourhood loves you, man. Keep it up – I bookmarked this page and will read it everyday from now on. I promise.

  3. Mike E Says:

    Huge thanks for the link, Tony! Excited to see your site doing so well…my man, they love you up there in Toronto.

    Way to go.

  4. Corinne Says:

    your image is truly beautiful – who takes your photo’s?

    Is it Philip?

    Next time i’m in toronto, I’d like to say hello and chat with you if that’s okay with you. In the meantime, be well and may peace breathe her spirit upon you. Corinne

  5. To Corinne,
    It’s Phil who takes the pictures. I hope you had a good holiday.


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