Tony goes wireless

December 11, 2006

“I met a homeless guy yesterday. I’d seen him before but I didn’t know he was homeless. He’s a nice guy so I told him that there was lots of wire in the alleyway [Tony points towards the alleyway nearby]. So he says that he’ll get me a bike rack in exchange for the wire.”

“How did you know he was looking for some wire?”

“Well, his shopping cart was full of wire.”

3 Responses to “Tony goes wireless”

  1. denguy Says:

    Yeah, I saw that guy. I only saw him one day though. Where did he go?

  2. denguy Says:

    Oops, my previous comment was meant for the post, “Standing Up.”

  3. Dear, Philip & Tony

    I know Tony about all my life, you see I ‘m his little sister
    Tony I do not know if you no that mom has pasted on and so has Stan . I ‘m glad to see you are still alive , I wish I could help but I live from pay to pay as it is .
    all my love & prays for you
    Love Sharon

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