Standing up

December 13, 2006

Tony standing up

“Do you see the guy panhandling just on the corner [Tony points south, across the street]? The young blond guy with the beard. I asked him and he said that he’s got a pregnant wife and they were kicked out of the hostel the other day. Well, I checked him out and he checks out. I’ve seen his wife and she’s sure pregnant. If he wasn’t being straight up, I would’ve run him out of here. But if the guy’s for real, then you’ve got to let him be. Everybody’s got a right to eat.

“See, people don’t realize it but homeless folks need to keep up their reputations or otherwise no one ain’t getting nothing from nobody, if there’s fakes out there asking for money. If they ain’t for real, they shouldn’t be there.”

2 Responses to “Standing up”

  1. ken Says:

    I think this is a great idea. By having this it puts a face and an understanding on what it is like to be homeless. Lets hope those lazy government officials get thier act together and raise the living allowance to more of an acceptable monatary value than that piss ant little amount they give now, Keep up the blog!!

  2. denguy Says:

    Yeah, I saw that bearded guy. I only saw him one day though. Where did he go?

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