An old hand who can get a warm body in the sack

December 16, 2006

Old hand

“You’d think a guy who’s been on the street would know the tricks. Nope — I ran into this homeless guy who was going on about sleeping out when it was cold. So I asked him if he knew the trick about how to stay warm. Well, he doesn’t, so I tell him he should keep a quarter [$0.25] until he’s done for the night. Then he should take his sleeping bag to the laundromat and put it in the dryer for a few minutes. When it comes out, he should roll it up really tight. Then when he gets inside, it’s all toasty and warm and he gets a warm start to the night. He’d been on the street longer than me but he learned that trick from Tony.”

18 Responses to “An old hand who can get a warm body in the sack”

  1. Kevin Says:

    Wow, I’d never heard of that one either, though there aren’t any laundrymats near downtown, it’s a good idea – thanks.

  2. jen Says:

    i very much enjoy your spot here. thank you for sharing your lives and experiences.

  3. cspf Says:

    ive read much of the blog. Why doesn’t each day’s entry start with, “I looked for a job today.” I hope you are not asking us to feel sorry for you

  4. Michael Says:

    Does Tony actively look for a job? Does Tony get any abuse from people on the street? And how much of his budget does he spend on smokes and booze?

  5. s@bd Says:

    cspf & michael: you should be ashamed of yourselves.

    Obviously, no one here is asking for pity. And how much of YOUR budget do you spend on things to help you cope with your situation in life? (coffee and books can be just as much medication and escape as booze & smokes – they’re just better for you)

    And instead of judging people who don’t have job (or a home, for that matter), perhaps try finding a way to help provide skills training or donate to an organization that does … mmmkay?

    We all gotta’ live on this planet …

    (*gets off high horse* *rant finished*)

  6. jen Says:

    s@bd, exactly. what good does judging others do? i have no idea why not having a home somehow equates that you’ve done something wrong and must be judged for it – we all have the potential to make choices every single day that could render us homeless because the system we are all balanced on is so precarious and unwilling to bend.

    not that you need us sticking up for you. carry on, gentlemen.

  7. Dale Says:

    What you two gentlemen are doing here bestows a measure of dignity to every homeless person and a offers a valuable lesson to every person fortunate enough to have a home. Thank you both for making a difference.

  8. gld Says:

    Tony and Philip,

    What you two are doing here is a great eye opener for all.

    CSPF, you’ve got some nerve. How about you get your warm butt down to Tony and buy him some breakfast!

    At least there was a kind heart out there that took notice. Though he may not be able to help out much, at least he helps in some way and brightens up Tony’s day.

    We all have situations in our lives that we can and cannot control. And for those that aren’t as fortunate as YOU, doesn’t give you the right to down talk them.
    So unless you make a great difference in this world, and help those like Tony, keep your comments to yourself. No one wants to hear it!

    This blog is great! Thank you!
    Nice work gentlemen!
    All the best to you both!
    (love the sleeping bag advice!)

  9. Triona Says:

    Read about you in the globe & mail this morning and immediately logged on to read more. I found the whole thing very moving…It’s lovely to hear Tony being so candid about his experiences, he seems like a very intelligent, gentle man. I hope this blog and the publicity helps him and other homeless people to realise that they have opportunities too, and that it will awaken the rest of us to the issues facing those less privileged than us over the hard winter months.

    Tony, Phillip, I wish you all the best.

  10. Bob Says:

    S@BD, and others:

    That doesn’t really answer the question for those of us who are ignorant of homeless peoples situation. I can honestly say that I have no idea hown a person can end up homeless in the first place. If they were mentaly ill, or a drug addict, I could understand that, and I would not blame them for their personal situation.

    1) But how does a person who does not have these disabilities end up, and remain homeless?
    2) Do they not have a single friend willing to help them out, or give them a place to stay?
    3) Is it impossible to collect a welfare check and find a job when you can?

    I ask these questions not out of hate, or because “that could never happen to me”, but simply because I have no answers.

  11. Kim Says:

    Thank you very much for this candid look at a homeless persons life. I appreciate the honesty.

    I belive this blog is important in spreading awareness.

    Good Luck!

  12. truckerswife Says:

    Great tip and great blog.

  13. jayherron Says:

    …..its kind of like finding a private automatic hand dryer in a restroom to warm your hands( or even dry your hair when you use a sink to wash in)…
    Tony-you are a man who is reaching a lot of people with your story,and many of those people are finding other people through your story and they are finding other people with lives and circumstance simular to thiers-and hearts are being touched by this one guy…you,Tony! because you are opening up what your life is like to those who do not know and yet some how things link together and pieces find pieces…hmmm-you are like the ‘Branch’ refered to in the Bible my friend…because of you your life is branching out to others and then the branch grows out to more. You’ve touched me with your branch-thank you.

  14. Haricot Says:

    Tony and Philip: I wrote an article in both Chinese and English for my blog readers in Asia and used the photograph of Tony’s hand as an illustration. I gave the photo credit and referenced this blog address. However, if you have any issue with me using the picture, please let me know via email and I will take it off, no problem. Thanks !!!

  15. To Jay Herron,
    You got it It’s called blow dry, not drip dry … ha ha.


  16. To Kim,
    Yes, Kim, you’re right and I’m trying to do the best I can.


  17. kyle Says:

    hes homeless no home you cant find a job if you dont have an adress

  18. Erin Says:

    This is a great blog guys. I read about it in The Globe and Mail a while ago, and have since been checking back periodically to see what’s up. Happy belated belated birthday, Tony. I am a Pisces, too.
    Take care.

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