The benefit of vice

December 6, 2006

“There’s this guy who comes by at night sometimes. Sometimes he hands me a pack of smokes, they’re Matinees. Turns out he isn’t allowed to smoke at home, so the woman who lives upstairs goes and follows him whenever he gets caught. Then the guy pretends he’s just bringing me a pack, so there won’t be any trouble.”

7 Responses to “The benefit of vice”

  1. Mike E Says:

    Gotta love it when other people’s random weirdness works to your advantage.

    Good Luck,
    Mike E

  2. tasha Says:

    thanks for this blog! i’m going to add a link to it from mine

  3. paul M Says:

    Awesome blog!

  4. PipeTobacco Says:


    It is a nice benefit for you, but it is a very sad commentary on the change in tobacco usage. To have a grown man have to sneak around and hide his indulgence in tobacco is very, very horrific in my opinion. It seems we have gotten more and more insane as a culture every year during the last 25 years or so.


  5. sarah Says:

    coming from someone who has struggled with giving up smoking & every now & then breaks down for a pack, this was cool to read. 🙂

  6. To brokenman,
    I think so too.


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