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Of want and need

January 18, 2008

Bank of England

“You know that the Rogers Video store is closing, the one at up at Howard Park? Nobody’s in there most of the time anyway. ”

Folks just don’t like big-name stores on this street. Well, except for the banks and the coffee places. Everybody needs them.”

Soothing the soul

January 4, 2008

On a white horse

“Thanks [for the coffee, Phil]. This is the first one I’ve had in 3 days.”

“Where were you?”

“Mostly at Mike’s place. I just pay him some rent and his girlfriend is cool with it.”

“What’ve you been eating … you haven’t even had a coffee in 3 days?”

“Nope. Noodles, mostly.”

“What do you do while you’re at Mike’s?”

“Well, other than sleeping, I do stuff that needs doing around the house and I watch TV and some other things. But my favourite is old-time radio on AM900. You can’t beat the Lone Ranger.”

Daylight again

October 19, 2007

Daylight again

“Phil, could you spring me for a coffee this morning? I’m flat broke; I didn’t even have dinner last night.”

Encore: Could you help me eat drink, man woman?

April 23, 2007

“So last night I was up at The Local, and this woman I’ve never seen before just asks me if I want anything and I tell her some food. So the chef cooks me up this hamburger, huge, about 2 inches thick. Was that good.

“Then her boyfriend comes up from the washroom and he asks me the same question pretty much. So I tell him I’d like a drink. So he goes and gets me a some drink with alcohol so I’ve got to tell him no thanks. So I said to him: ‘I prefer my drink black with cream and sugar.’ He couldn’t believe that I don’t drink alcohol. So he bought me some coffee, and then they both just disappeared.

“Sometimes I think I am weird.”

Coffee and cigarettes

January 23, 2007

“You got a buck?”


TONY (Tony goes outside; he returns 10 minutes later.)
“Now I’m human again. I needed that first cigarette. Now I’m getting myself a coffee.”

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