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Encore: Could you help me eat drink, man woman?

April 23, 2007

“So last night I was up at The Local, and this woman I’ve never seen before just asks me if I want anything and I tell her some food. So the chef cooks me up this hamburger, huge, about 2 inches thick. Was that good.

“Then her boyfriend comes up from the washroom and he asks me the same question pretty much. So I tell him I’d like a drink. So he goes and gets me a some drink with alcohol so I’ve got to tell him no thanks. So I said to him: ‘I prefer my drink black with cream and sugar.’ He couldn’t believe that I don’t drink alcohol. So he bought me some coffee, and then they both just disappeared.

“Sometimes I think I am weird.”

Where did the flowers go?

April 15, 2007

A bouquet of flowers

“I’ve got a good story for you. You know The Local, the restaurant next to the old Revue movie house up on Roncesvalles. Well the owner, she’s taken a liking to me, since I’ve had to move from in front of Alternative Grounds. She even invited me in for a drink, and I told her I don’t really drink, and if I had one beer, which is all I’d drink anyway, it wouldn’t help me much. But she and her brother, there really nice to me, feeding me and looking out for me. So when you saw me with that bouquet of flowers yesterday, it was for her.”

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