Tony in jail — Update #1

January 27, 2007

I visited Tony in jail yesterday. He’ll be there for another 20 days or so, as a result of three minor offences, including a “failure to appear” charge pertaining to the trial for the other two minor offences. However, he’s got two further charges against him that are more serious. These could send him to prison for up to two years as I understand it. Tony wanted to make clear that none of the charges allege any actual or attempted physical harm to anyone. Also, he emphasized that these charges relate to events that occurred well before we started this blog.

Tony asks that if one of his readers is a lawyer — or knows one — who could handle Tony’s case, please email Philip at philip [at]

Separately, you are heartily invited to visit him (the Don Jail is located at Broadview and Gerrard). Visiting hours are 130pm – 4pm, 7 days a week. Just tell the front guard that you’re his friend. His full name is Anthony Clemens.


“How are you?”

“Well I’m staying out of the cold. They put me in the medical ward to fix up my feet and my back and my knees and my collar bone and some other problems. They fixed the crack in my feet already; they’ve got this cream that really works. So that’s good. But I haven’t slept in 4 days so they’re giving me some drugs for that.”

“And they’re treating you right?”

“Oh yeah. Even when the officer arrested me the other day, he was a decent guy. He locked up my bike for me and even let me finish my cigarette before putting the cuffs on. They still have my glasses at 11th Division but I’ll get them in a few days.

“The problem is mostly that you can’t receive phone calls here and it costs 75 cents to make a call, unless you can call collect.

“Anyway, I’m staying out of that cold and they’re giving me food and fixing me up, so it’s not too bad for now. I’m not even missing my smokes much.”

6 Responses to “Tony in jail — Update #1”

  1. awareness Says:

    Hey Philip………please pass on my hellos to Tony. I’m too far away from Don Jail (though know exactly where it is and can picture it…………..) to visit, though I would if I lived in T.O.

    I hope it’s just for a short stint…………..but it sounds like he is getting his medical needs met, which is a good thing. If the weather is anything like it is in Fredericton today (-35 degrees C) it’s also a good thing to be inside.

    Take care………….


  2. jen Says:

    Philip and Tony,

    I know some lawyers – problem is, I am in California. You already have my email – so let me know if you think there is a point in legal advice all the way from down here.

    Am very sorry to hear this, by the way. Two years?

    My .02 from working w/ folks here is that if you, Philip, can find out who Tony’s public defender will be (do they do it that way there?) you should go to him/her, garner some community support, make this personal – that Tony’s case is personal – get them excited and involved and interested – they’ll go the extra mile in review and preparation vs. seeing it as yet another case. You’ve got support via this medium as well. Calls, letters – get it on the radar now.

  3. LinkMan Says:

    Do they allow him to call using a calling card? If so, you should be able to get him a prepaid code on the internet for about US$20 that will give him over 1000 minutes of Canada-to-Canada calling.

  4. Becks Says:

    Im in England and i just want Tony to know that my thoughts are with him.

  5. Kate Says:

    I sent an email to a lawyer friend who is with the local legal aid society.

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