Frozen assets

January 29, 2007

Frozen bike

This bike is Tony’s only asset with a street value.

His other assets:

– a box of photos and mementos (stored at a friend’s house);
– a sleeping bag and blankets (hidden during the day); and
– his personal effects (stored at the Don Jail).

11 Responses to “Frozen assets”

  1. jayherron Says:

    Tony,what is this? I’ve come to where these little excerpts of your life are interesting and here you go getting yourself into a jam whereas you might of fixed the whole thing by doing the right thing when the time was in front of you,ahhh-smart move though-its freezin here in Florida so being in jail up yonder might be a Godsend-warmth-medicines to heal your feet…food can’t be that great-never any where else in jails. And being honest-if we all lose you to a two year hump then I am going to sound selfish…but I’ve come to where I’m tickled pink by all the readers that read my blog who have come by your recomendation ( if I was computer savvy enuf I’d return the favor-but dont exactly know how you guys get the links to connect)….and Phillip,whats he going to do-I think he is getting something out of this too??
    So man-beg the judge…tell him you have an audience and that you need to get back to us.

  2. Mike E Says:

    Hear Hear!! (Or maybe they let you use the internet in jail?)

  3. Bill Says:

    Looks like you have conned everyone except the judge, who has the ability to see through your constant source of BS.

    I have followed your stories about hardship, 2 kids, step-mom, getting ripped off, willingness to do odd jobs (on your new sign) etc. and am firmly convinced you are taking everyone for a ride. It appears you have more money to live on each day than some of your readers (me included). Shame on you. Hope someone takes a friendly liking to you in jail. That would be justice.

  4. Mike E Says:

    Bill, could you be more specific about why — as you seem to infer — “Justice” would be served if m’boy Tony was raped in jail?

    I want evidence.

  5. jayherron Says:

    Bill certainly has a strange sense of judgement aka justice ideas…wow,really sick sister is he not?

  6. Dickson Coatworthy Says:

    I can’t believe that reaction…go shit on a politician that is doing nothing to advance the rights of the disadvantaged instead of shitting on a guy in jail whose biggest asset is his bike…Really, get a life. I see Tony in my neighborhood and believe me, he doesn’t look like a guy whose living high, at all.

  7. jayherron Says:

    buy cialis phentermine???-gawd,what a job to grow up to be in,the on line pill guy…ha ha,Tony has a higher place in life then some poor fool that roams the internet for anyplace they can to peddle these pills…whata life-now you know why I wont watch TV,theres no better reality than reality!

  8. Tony Says:

    FYI, jayherron’s comment (above) refers to a spam comment that I’ve since removed. Thanks for the comment, Jay.


  9. 403kid Says:

    It seems to me that “Bill” has likely never even spoken to a homeless person.. Sure there is the very odd conman out there… but please… it seems clear to me that Tony won’t be on the “Rich and Famous” any time soon.

    Tony, If I ever make it out east, you are the first person i want to meet.

  10. Rachel Says:

    Question: So what if he is a “conman”? No one’s forcing you to read this or to give money. I’m sure the feature to donate wasn’t Tony’s idea but the readers asking how they could help. Plus if you want to help indirectly you’re able to by giving elsewhere. I would ask you quit judging people you don’t know (or anyone for that matter) when it’s of no consequence to you. It’s to your benefit more than it is to others. Being bitter is a lot harder than to just love.

  11. rnratner Says:

    This winter the students of The New York Public Interest Research Group’s chapter at Borough of Manhattan Community College will be hosting a Winter Warm-Up Drive to benefit the Coalition for the Homeless, a homeless shelter in downtown Manhattan.
    There are currently 33,000 homeless people in New York City. Please make a donation that will help make the cold winter months a little more bearable for those without a warm home. We will happily accept any clean or new donations that will warm one up throughout our cold New York winters. Examples of donations include, but are not limited to, coats, blankets, sleeping bags, sweaters and sweatshirts.

    Please send donations to:
    BMCC Chapter of NYPIRG
    9 Murray Street 3rd Floor
    New York, New York 10007
    Please call Rachel or Ryan with any questions: 212-349-6460 x1149

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