Subway map of the soul

November 15, 2007

Subway map of the Seoul

“You remember about the key for that submarine sandwich place just up the street, you know, the Subway’s there?”


“Well the store owner finally found out what happened.”

“Which was what?”

“You know, that I’d found their main front-door key just sitting there, right next to their front door in the middle of the night. So now the owner knows what happened back then, he’s been really decent to me plus now I get a foot-long sub every week, or I can have two six-inch ones on two different days if I prefer.”

3 Responses to “Subway map of the soul”

  1. Amy Barry Says:

    Hey – I found your blog linked from another blog (One Plus Two) and read the whole thing. I even added your blog to my A-list of blogs on my blog (my top 20 list in alphabetical order).
    Anyway, I will be reading your blog on a daily basis. Makes me restless to do something to help. Got the wheels in my head spinning. I remember living in Seattle and San Fran and always feeling overwhelmed by the number of homeless people. I didn’t have the resources to help them all and felt resentful of the young pups all pierced up with their expensive doc martins (I didn’t have docs and yeah now that I am a parent I feel bad for those kids too) but always feeling bad for not doing something to help the older guys who seemed more legit like you. When I worked at Starbucks on “The Ave” (University Way) in Seattle in college there were 2-3 older guys who were regulars out front. We had to dump the coffee each hour and brew fresh and we always filled their cups first before dumping and gave them the leftover pastries at the end of the day. Wasn’t much but we liked those guys.

    So now I live in Central Oregon and we don’t see that many homeless on the streets, there are some and some local shelters. I really need to check into doing more. But I was also thinking that it would be nice to start an “adopt a local” kind of thing, especially in bigger cities. I often refrained from dropping coins in big cities because in a few blocks I would see so many and I couldn’t make up my mind which cap to put it in. But what about “adopting” someone you pass by frequently, like the gal who makes Tony sandwiches, and like you have, and like we did back in the day at Starbucks? But make it an actual campaign with some real reaching out and friendship involved. Get to know the person. Invite them to dinner or to stay the night on occassion. Someone to give extra clothes too, and backpacks and other gear when cleaning out the closet or just because you saw it on sale and thought of them.
    Wish I had more time to organize something like that.

    Anyway, you’ve got yourself a new reader.

    Love and prayers to Tony,

  2. L Says:

    At,, you were referred.
    I need help. I would like to know how much you could help refer a homeless, youthful, bachelors degreed woman, bright, attractive, fit, with no substance abuse history nor criminal record stopping her from employment, but simply fell short to the economy and lack of family nor has a vehicle to quicken transition into housing and a nice life.

    Your referrals to this Florida resident case is appreciated.

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