Tony visits his diabetic friend

October 29, 2006

[Tony is standing next to his milk crates near the regular cafe; he’s using a blunt utility knife to cut two sections from a tube of heavy foam rubber]

“I’m tired of freezing my hands on my handle bars so I’m putting foam on them. I gotta see my diabetic friend [unlocks his bike].”

“Tell me about him.”

“Well, I know the guy for maybe 22 years. Actually, I met him in jail. He’s a black guy. He straightened up and then he got sick. So I go see him to be sure he takes his medicine and just to look in on him too. He’s old now, late 70s I figure.

“And I gotta get some breakfast.”

[An hour passes while Tony gets his breakfast and visits his diabetic friend.]

“He’s OK. Wants me to got out with him this afternoon but I don’t know what I’m doing then.”

“What does he want to do this afternoon?”

“Probably he wants to go girl hunting. You should see him, he gets girls no problem. I saw him the other day with a girl for sure 50 years younger than he was. She told him that she liked older men, and that I [Tony] was too young for her. So that made me feel real good.

“Now I’m going for lunch.”

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