Tony is in surgery today

August 23, 2011

He left me a message last night. I haven’t yet had a chance to visit him.


10 Responses to “Tony is in surgery today”

  1. Mark State Says:

    How was the surgery? What’s happening with Tony?

  2. Tony had surgery on Tuesday,and is out walking the streets today. Please everyone out there please watch on Tony .

  3. Daria Says:

    sending prayers for Tony.

  4. Sandra Morello Says:

    Why didn’t they keep him longer. Has he tried 333 Sherborne St ? They have a facility and a very nice one at that with an on site cook and laudry. People receiving medical treatment can stay for I think up to 5 weeks. Nursing staff (in street clothes ) are wonderful and a doctor is available when needed to see to medical needs.A social worker from the hospital can help facilitate this and admittance is very quick. He can go out when he likes. Great group there.

  5. Nectarine Says:

    I hope his recovery is going well. Pass best wishes on to Tony!

  6. fran freeman Says:

    Saw Tony on the streetcar last night and he seemed in pretty good shape all things considered. He’d had some type of catheter procedure for his heart and had been put on blood thinners to prevent clots. He’d been given too high a dose and was bruising way too easily so they cut it back. He has a followup in about a week.

  7. Sandra Morello Says:

    I should say has anyone discussed that option with him ?

  8. Need new updates Please

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