Mean streets

October 24, 2008

“Hey Phil, want to hear about some idiot being really mean-spirited. Someone left me some cheese, a block of it, you know the Cracker Barrel kind. So when I find the cheese this morning, it’s gotten stepped on. Believe it or not, There was also a little note on it saying ‘you deserve it.’ ”

“C’mon. You’re making this up.”

“Phil, when you’re on the streets, this sort of stuff can happen to you.”

4 Responses to “Mean streets”

  1. Denguy Says:

    There’s a guy I see spitting hate in your direction as he walks down the street. He does it to all the people he looks down upon. Not that I want to spread rumours, but I wonder if it was him.

  2. debbielynn Says:

    Karma’ll fix him.

  3. Sharon Says:

    Has Tony not been on the blog this month yet

  4. kim Says:

    I like to think that the “You deserve it” note was for the cheese, not the stomper.

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