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A fine balance

July 24, 2009

Mondrian - July 24 2009

“Did you see that story in Metro about the guy who won the $4 million?”

“That was pretty amazing.”

“So he gets himself locked up when he shows up to collect. Turns out the cops were looking for him. With $4 million, I’ll tell you, for some jail time, think I would do it noooooo problem.”

Mean streets

October 24, 2008

“Hey Phil, want to hear about some idiot being really mean-spirited. Someone left me some cheese, a block of it, you know the Cracker Barrel kind. So when I find the cheese this morning, it’s gotten stepped on. Believe it or not, There was also a little note on it saying ‘you deserve it.’ ”

“C’mon. You’re making this up.”

“Phil, when you’re on the streets, this sort of stuff can happen to you.”

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