Missing equipment

November 3, 2008

“How was your Halloween?”

“Chaotic. Fine.”

“Well I had a good one. I dressed up like a doctor, with a white lab coat and everything. I was just missing a stethoscope. The kids loved me but a few of the adults thought I was acting a bit strange but I think their problem is thaat they don’t really understand what Halloween is all about.”

2 Responses to “Missing equipment”

  1. Ubin Says:

    I just went through and read the entire archives. I’m doing a small project on homelessness, and plan on distributing this website on campus. Thanks for sharing and keeping up with this!

    • I just wanted to let you know how great I think your blog is and how great it is that your letting this story be told. I am using this blog for a university project I am doing on homelessness as it relates to the volunteer work that I do. Thank you and Tony so much for doing this.

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