Remembering to say thank-you

November 21, 2007

Family time

“I know everybody thinks Bush has lost it upstairs but also you know, I meet a lot of Yanks and most of them are nice and decent people when you get to talk to them. And they’re spittin’ mad — same as us about Vietnam — I mean Iraq — and they can’t stand Bush just like we Canadians can’t.”

“And your point is …?”

“Well, someone just reminded me that it was American Thanksgiving on Thursday. It just made me think we should be giving thanks for having Americans as neighbours, even if their government’s run by a bunch of cocaine addicts. You gotta remember that America saved our ass a few times in history.”

3 Responses to “Remembering to say thank-you”

  1. maralorelei Says:

    Thank you! I was wondering what Canadians thought of us crazy people “down under” them. I probably should be offended by this, as an American who is hoping like hell the government gets its’ act together, but it’s too funny not to laugh!

  2. jayherron Says:

    I loved it…our govt being run by a bunch of ‘cocaine addicts’-Tony,you iz a funny man with a hammer that hits it on the head…seems to me there wuz a deal back yonder when the daddy Bush had the hard hat on-wait a minute-yes…the Noriago guy they supported and all the white nostrils that deal powdered. You crack me up old man (I am literally laughing at the wisdom in your words)…and yet,you know what?? During the Viet Nam war-every body was jumping up and down yelling for it to end. Today-why are’nt the people jumping up and down-it aint like it was during the 60’s…where are they at now? Down around here the ones close to enlistment age are standing around holding thier pants up-dumbfounded by not knowing how stupid they look…!
    …and Thanksgiving? Today the White House is FLYING its live turkey to Florida to be the ‘grande poompah’ in a parade in Orlando…wonder how much that’ll cost and why they can’t fix up a few homeless folks with things instead?
    Iraq?…what a sad joke that is-billions?? and yet,in this world are children who have NO homes,and we spend billions on Iraq…happy thanksgiving!

  3. Kate Says:

    Thanks Tony! You made my day!

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