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Just plain Canadian

March 6, 2008

Mar 6 2008 - Letter to the Globe

“Hey Tony. Look, my letter got published in the today’s Globe.”

“You should get that up on the blog if you ask me. It’s just plain Canadian to say ‘please’.”


PS: I’ll post a copy of the original March 5th op-ed later. In the meantime (sorry):


Remembering to say thank-you

November 21, 2007

Family time

“I know everybody thinks Bush has lost it upstairs but also you know, I meet a lot of Yanks and most of them are nice and decent people when you get to talk to them. And they’re spittin’ mad — same as us about Vietnam — I mean Iraq — and they can’t stand Bush just like we Canadians can’t.”

“And your point is …?”

“Well, someone just reminded me that it was American Thanksgiving on Thursday. It just made me think we should be giving thanks for having Americans as neighbours, even if their government’s run by a bunch of cocaine addicts. You gotta remember that America saved our ass a few times in history.”

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