Has anybody seen my sweet sister Rose?

November 22, 2007


Face to face

“You won’t believe this. I saw my sister Rose. It was a total fluke. I’d been getting these feelings that I should go to up the bingo hall, you know, up on Lansdowne. So two nights ago, I went up there. Just as I’m getting up there, the place is having a smoke break, and people are coming out to light up. And there comes my older sister in the middle of the crowd, and she looks at me and I look at her and we just stand there looking at each other. It was a total fluke. Finally I say to her: ‘Where’s my hug?’ and she comes up and gives me one.”

3 Responses to “Has anybody seen my sweet sister Rose?”

  1. Ward Says:

    Glad you saw your sister, Tony.

  2. It is about time the two of you ment up it has been a long time to be apart from family . all my love your little sister Sharon

  3. Maya Says:

    this is wonderful! Two sisters and one is even writing here. And kids somewhere as well. A real ‘thanksgiving’ kind of news 🙂

    wishing you good family connections Tony 🙂 and blessings

    your cyber friend Maya

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