May 18, 2007

Rough on rats

“So I was telling a guy about the rats that sometimes come to the porch where I’m sleeping most nights. Two days later he walks up and puts a plastic bag with rat poison on my little stool here. The rats don’t bother me so I don’t really need the stuff.”

4 Responses to “Rats”

  1. Oldtimer Says:

    I love your Blog. I hope that you will welcome my commenting on it in my blog from time to time. I’m currently running two series on homeless – homeless veterans and homeless youth. Perhaps you will allow me to be listed in your blog roll.

    I plan to run a series on homeless families later. I’m weaving in statistics on the homeless overall.
    In case you are blocking links, I’ll add another comment with links.

    Say hi to Tony and his friends for all of his fans.

  2. Oldtimer Says:

    I’ve added your blog to my blogroll. Is Tony a veteran? Chances are he is. 44% of the homeless men are vets. Look for my homeless veterans posts here:

  3. homelessdyke Says:

    I am so needing to connect with others… so I signed up for a site on ning… I have (if I did it right) put a link on my site in the right column.

    We need to start networking more…


  4. happyrat Says:

    Ahh, Thank You so much for being kind to animals, even the little rats. I’m sure it has it’s own rewards but all the same…rats aren’t bad at all.

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