The best rats

May 21, 2007

Shoe shine

“Sometimes those rats are almost as big as raccoons. The best rats I’ve seen are as long as two of my shoes. And look at my feet; they’re size 12’s. So I’ve seen some rats in my life.”

One Response to “The best rats”

  1. sittingbear Says:

    Hey Tony…

    Now here is a being: being a most agreeable human
    Well I have only met this optimistic human, hanging out with his elmo side-kick. What can one say about this great guy. Don’t need to know about the past, when everytime I cross paths with him , is a blessing.
    It is getting to the point, where making our short “Hi’s and how are you choosing to feel today” intros , are becoming a part of the days highlights… Thanks Tony for sharing your optimism and your gift of scribbing and expressing your cool views on life…Ohh by the way… meet me at the Timothys coffee, I got a smoke for yah..eheheheh


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