Off with his cap

October 1, 2007


TONY [As a funeral procession drives slowly south on Roncesvalles, Tony doffs his cap].
“I always take off my hat when a funeral comes by.”

“Why’s that?”

“Just showing respect for the dead.”

2 Responses to “Off with his cap”

  1. denguy Says:

    My grandfather taught me the same thing. I still do it.
    I wonder why it hasn’t continued down the generations?

  2. henry Says:

    quite right too!
    when i was a copper, at constable college in hendon before i got posted to the mean streets of brixton, we were INSTRUCTED to remove our helmets should a hearse pass by.

    these days i sometimes wear a cap (british weather) and i would whip it straight off my bonce if a coffin came by. i wouldn’t wear it in a graveyard either.

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