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September 29, 2008

“Did I tell you that I got my hub cap gotten stolen this morning.”

This wouldn’t be a hub cap from the van that that woman wrote about on the blog last week?

“No, no a guy gave me a Hyundai hub cap. You know I ain’t got a van, fer chrissakes. No, this guy just figured the hub cap had come off a car, which is a pretty good guess if you know what I mean. After he gave it to me  so as I maybe could sell it, someone came by and stole it from me while I was on my smoke break.”

Off with his cap

October 1, 2007


TONY [As a funeral procession drives slowly south on Roncesvalles, Tony doffs his cap].
“I always take off my hat when a funeral comes by.”

“Why’s that?”

“Just showing respect for the dead.”

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