September 29, 2008

“Did I tell you that I got my hub cap gotten stolen this morning.”

This wouldn’t be a hub cap from the van that that woman wrote about on the blog last week?

“No, no a guy gave me a Hyundai hub cap. You know I ain’t got a van, fer chrissakes. No, this guy just figured the hub cap had come off a car, which is a pretty good guess if you know what I mean. After he gave it to me  so as I maybe could sell it, someone came by and stole it from me while I was on my smoke break.”

2 Responses to “Uncapped”

  1. Maya Says:

    Hi Phil and Tony,

    It’s me again. And I’m here with an obvious comment- question? Isn’t NOW the time to be approaching Peggy Nash and Gerrard Kennedy for assistance ie DEMAND to get Tony a room?

    If not now, before the elections, then when?
    If possible it would be great to read a response here, Phil.


  2. Philip Stern Says:

    Hi Maya,
    I haven’t seen Tony in the last few days so your answer is yet to come.

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