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I swear

August 1, 2007


“The other day, I did something I’d swore I’d never do again.

“What’s that?

“I helped out a guy who’d stolen from me already.”

“Why’d you do that?”

“No idea. I’ve got no idea.”

The crutch of conclusive evidence

May 13, 2007


“I lost my crutch a few days back.”

“How’d that happen?”

“Someone stole it.”

“You’ve gotta be kidding. Someone stole a worn-out crutch from a homeless guy?”

“Yup. Then the other day, I see a guy walking towards me and that’s my crutch he’s got. So when he walks by, I grab the crutch. He tells me he bought it fair and square but show him a special black mark near the bottom — that’s the mark that was on my crutch. So he gave it back.”

Tony’s story — Part #3

February 23, 2007

Milk wagon
TONY (written while he was in jail)
I don’t know how many people remember the old horse and milk wagon that used to go around the streets picking up empty bottles and replacing them with fresh bottles of milk. When I was about eight years old, the milkman would pay me 2 cents a bottle. Some customers would put their weekly milk payments on top of their empties on the porch; they were always people who lived in big houses and who had big money. My family had to live too, so a few bucks here and there plus my $1.50 per day helped us stay alive.

PS: Tony has a court date on Monday, Feb 26. It’s also his 58th birthday.

Tony’s story — Part #2

February 19, 2007

“I took everything I could get my hands on …”

TONY (written while he was in jail)
“See, when I was growing up [ages 5-7], we had what people call a soup line. Kids and parents were lined up for blocks and when I say blocks, I mean 10-12 blocks, literally. We had to have stamps for bread: 1/2 a stamp for a loaf and one stamp for so-called butter, which was really lard).

“Me and the crew would steal food from the navy to feed my family and crew. There was five kids in my crew: Pete (the milk man), Dave (the meat man), Jimmy (the pick pocket), Larry (the clothing man) and me, Tony. I didn’t have a specialty; I took everything I could get my hands on. If I could sell it, I took it.”

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