The crutch of conclusive evidence

May 13, 2007


“I lost my crutch a few days back.”

“How’d that happen?”

“Someone stole it.”

“You’ve gotta be kidding. Someone stole a worn-out crutch from a homeless guy?”

“Yup. Then the other day, I see a guy walking towards me and that’s my crutch he’s got. So when he walks by, I grab the crutch. He tells me he bought it fair and square but show him a special black mark near the bottom — that’s the mark that was on my crutch. So he gave it back.”

4 Responses to “The crutch of conclusive evidence”

  1. denguy Says:

    Tony, sorry I missed you on Thursday night, but when I left the pub you were nowhere in sight.

  2. Lori V. Says:

    Tony (and Philip), I rarely comment but visit pretty frequently. Follow the link over to my blog… I’ve tagged you for a Thinking Blogger Award. Many happy returns!

  3. Nickelking Says:

    … And Lori V. your blog is how I came across this site. I thought I was generous before, but this blog has me thinking about how I can do more to ease the days of those who could use it most.

    for those who are interested>>Do you realize (Lori’s blog)->here.

    I work near a donation center and almost daily while on a smoke break see the local homeless go into the dumpster area and close the doors so they can sift through the items that were rejected by the charity. After reading this I feel I should do more than avert my eyes and give them their privacy.

    I plan on purchasing many gift cards for local food shops to give to them, for when I can’t take them out myself. I’ll offer all of my cigarettes rather than give one when asked. Biggest of all, after reading this blog, once I go back to my higher paying (usual) type jobs I plan on rather than keeping usual roommates for the 2 spare roommates in my house I want to offer those rooms to those who need them. my previous roommates paid no bills and ate my food, I may as well use those expenses towards those that would use them for a positive goal.

    Anyhow, thank you Phil, thank you Tony, and thank you Lori for guiding me towards Phil and Tony.

  4. Tony Says:

    Thanks all around.


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