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Getting high, getting up

January 9, 2007

Windows for washing

“Hey Phil, I’ve got a good headline for the next time we put something on the Internet. How about we do something about the time when ‘Tony got high’?

“Here’s how it goes. A while back, I cleaned windows for a living. Not for the street level; you can’t make any money there and there’s too much competition. I used to work on those platforms with the ropes that you see on the highrises.

“When I was doing a building once where luckily they were doing renovations below, I fell off. It was a few stories on the way down, let me tell you. I fell flat down on my back into the mud, in a kind of like a gingerbread man shape, pretty deep in the mud, which was there because of the renovating. So the guys on the ground, they couldn’t find me. All they saw was my plaform hanging ass-over-tea kettle and no one up there. I was right in the mud but they couldn’t see me. Anyway, I wasn’t hurt but they couldn’t find me until I got out of the mud myself.”

Lucky strikes

November 28, 2006

“Sometimes you get lucky. There’s this Polish guy I see sometimes walking by. He asked me one day if I smoke and I said I did and so he gave me half a pack. It was a du Maurier package but with 10 DK cigarettes inside and a buck. Then the next night, he comes by here and gives me another full pack. Now the strange thing is that I can’t even talk to him because of his broken English.”

Epilogue (Nov 29):
“So that Polish guy that I talked to you about yesterday shows up today with no cigarettes fo me. Instead, he brings me a cigar. Just like that.”

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