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Death and menace

March 11, 2007

The jailed bard

TONY (written while he was in jail)
“Forget the loneliness, here in jail, all you hear about is how someone is going to kill the guy who put him in here, and that’s the only thing you hear all day, everyday. I go to the chapel when I can but it still doesn’t help the loneliness or anything else.

“To me, I feel like I’m wasting other people’s time and letting them down. I need to talk to someone so I don’t feel like I’m always going crazy, with all this talk of killing people all around me.

Jail is all about death and I feel like I’m dying myself too.”

Believe me, when it can’t get worse, it gets better

February 20, 2007

“I’ll tell you about this schoolkid who came up the street this morning [Feb. 20]. I see him some days, but this time he’s carrying some musical instrument in a case and his face is kind of depressed.

“So I say to him: ‘What’s the problem?’ and he shows me the musical instrument case. I can tell he’s got a trombone in there and then he says to me, no joke: ‘My teacher won’t let me wear earplugs.’ So I say: ‘You can’t be that bad’ and he says ‘yup’ he certainly is.

“Anyway, I looked at him and I told him to just stick with it and that it will get better. Believe me, when it can’t get worse, it gets better.”

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