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The naked and the dead

November 10, 2007

Naked and dead

“You remember that aura that visited me when my friend died a while back? Well he came visiting me again.”

“Where was this?”

“You know the place where I’ve been sleeping the last few nights? It was the middle of the night and I was under all my clothes and covers, and all of a sudden the place was lit up like there was a fire, but I knew it was that aura. I don’t know what he wants this time but I’m for sure doing what he says.”

It’s detox time

May 2, 2007

Ghost stories

“Remember when I told you few days ago that I was going to set up that meeting between the aura and the guy who gave the aura his drugs before he died? Well, I did and it happened. And my friend, he saw the aura and he knew what it was about and he recognized the aura and everything. He just bolted out of the room and down the stairs, didn’t even touch the plywood and didn’t land on any of the steps, he just flew out of there.

“Well you know where he went? Straight into the detox. He’s still in there. That aura scared the crap out of him so bad and he said that he was going to go straight from now on.”

At the urging of a ghost

April 26, 2007

Hamlet and the ghost

“You know that aura I was telling you about, he came back again last night. He wanted me to set up a meeting between him and the meth guy. He wrote the guy’s name in that plaster dust again. So out loud I said ‘Would Friday work?’ and he flashed the numbers 8:30pm on the clockradio to show me what time he wanted to meet the guy who got him the meth.

“So that’s what I’ve gotta do. I gotta set up that meeting.”

The power of meth

April 18, 2007


“So I’m staying in this house; it’s been abandoned on account of my friend dying there. It was the meth that did it.

“I’m sitting there in front of a clock-radio and I hear this creak, creak, creak. I check the whole house but everything’s locked so no one coulda got in.

“I sit down again and in comes this aura kind of thing. I know it’s my dead friend. My friend writes out the name of the guy who got him the meth in the plaster dust on the floor. By now I’m really scared and I’ve got goose bumps on my goose bumps.”

“Were you high or something?”

“No. I was totally clean; that’s why I was so scared.”

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