T’was the night before Christmas

January 3, 2007

T'was the lights before Christmas

“What did you do over Christmas?

“A few of us went over to a guy we know. We’d said there wouldn’t be any drinking, no nothing, but this one guy comes in plain pissed, and that’s it for me. You know, we’d all promised to be clean but this guy, no, he has to hit the juice anyway. I got out of there. I was pretty pissed off. We all collected to buy a 7-pound turkey and he goes and screws it up. I just had to leave ’cause there was going to be a fight. Not on Christmas Eve, you can’t be fightin’ Christmas Eve.”

PS: [Jan. 4] For a fierce denunciation of Tony and homeless people in general, read Randy’s comment in response to “From Tony’s cold case files“.

2 Responses to “T’was the night before Christmas”

  1. Robin H-C Says:

    I finally made it to the site Tony! … great blog, I love the idea of educating people – and on behalf of the human race, I’m sorry for all the judgment you encounter daily over the employment thing. I don’t know why people feel they have the right… anyhow, this blog is incredibly entrepreneurial!!! I enjoy learning more about you and I must say, it is a pleasure having you in the neighborhood.

    Thanks for being a part of our community!

  2. Jolie Says:

    Happy New Year to both of you, Tony and Philip. God bless you and thanks for keeping it real.

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