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Death and texting

May 18, 2010

“What’s new?”

“You hear about the cyclist who was killed up there on Dundas at Sterling Road, you know on the overpass there? The guy driving his car, he was sending messages with his cell phone, it’s what they call ‘texting’.”

“Oh my god! When was this?”

“Just the other day. That driver is in for a ton of trouble. Manslaughter for sure, if you ask me.”

Can’t you read the sign?

July 27, 2009

Road signs - July 27 2009

“You see all those signs over there? Well this guy comes driving down Ronces and — right in front of a policeman standing right there he drives right round those signs there so the cop knocks on his windows and asks him how big those signs have to be so the guy could read them. And you know, I think the old guy couldn’t even read, if you ask me.”

I do recall

April 9, 2009


“Do you remember when that Chevy over there was a totally modern car model?”

“I’ll tell you, those were the days, my friend.”

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