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Another encounter with the police

November 7, 2006

“There’s been lots of burglaries along here [Roncesvalles]. The Korean fruit store at the corner lost all their cigarettes the other night. The cops came around to check things out. One of the cops who pretty much knows me found me standing inside another doorway and asked what I was doing there. I just told him I was staying out of the wind which was pretty cold. He wanted to know if I had any burglary tools which he anyway knew I didn’t and they all left me alone after that. Now they’re doing more patrols around here.”

Tired but there

October 31, 2006

TONY (in response to 3 questions) — 8:15am

“I’m really tired today.”
“I think I slept only maybe 2 hours.”
“In a doorway.”

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