I just don’t know why

August 26, 2010

“I just don’t know why but the folks who complain the most don’t have much to complain about, mostly.”

2 Responses to “I just don’t know why”

  1. Julie Says:

    Why are there no Google Adsense Ads on this page? The passive income isn’t much, but it’s SOMEthing. Very easy to set up, no maintenance.

    • Philip Stern Says:

      Hi Julie,
      Thanks for the question. I’ve avoided the opportunity because it seemed to me extraneous and aesthetically troublesome. I was also fearful of unintended an demeaning self-parody. For example, a context-sensitive ad from eBay might read: “Buy your homelessness here. Best prices.”

      That said, I will discuss your suggestion with Tony; he may well have a different view now than we did originally.


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