What’s it all about?

July 18, 2007

“Tony, why do you do this blog? What’s in it for you, in other words?

“Why are you asking me?”

“Someone asked me that yesterday, and I’m not sure I gave them a decent answer.”

“Well, it’s that I want to make sure the kids today don’t follow in my shoes. They should know what it’s like. It’s pretty dark down here.”

2 Responses to “What’s it all about?”

  1. Somebody Says:

    I am heading towards homelessness, because of medical conditions and not being able to work in the future. Yes, it would be nice to have someone there for me to talk to. When you see a homeless person you have a desire to help, especially when it is cold, or they don’t have good clothing or shoes for the weather. I like to hear that he is okay. If you read this blog as a blog of words and don’t think about Tony himself, being outside much of the time in danger, then this is a brilliant blog. The other hand, if you think of a person who is hungry or cold, sitting on the concrete sidewalk, then it seems kind of disturbing to read thoughts from a man when his body may be telling him cold/hungry/tired/pain and he is talking about something other than his present state of mind. You want to put a human face and voice on homelessness. I was happy to hear about his new bike. Do you take him out to eat while he talks to you? I don’t know how you talk to Tony, maybe you take him inside somewhere to chat awhile.

  2. Claudia Says:

    THis is what is important. PEOPLE are living on the cold hard streets, starving and hurting.

    whether they want to be there or at trapped or LIKE it there, they are people. at least SEE them. This blog helps me in that way.

    Thank you.

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