Keeping, going

September 8, 2009

superman - Sept 7 2009

“So, did you go to the hospital?”

Yeah. I spent six hours there alright.”


“The doc says she thinks I might of had a stroke but that’s different and this bump in my chest is stress. She’s right because I’ve had big-time stress the last months and I was pretty dizzy the other day too. I’ll tell you about that later. So the doctor said I should be staying the hospital but of course she knows me and I ain’t staying. That would just be putting me in a broom closet — there’s no way I was staying. Anyway, you just have to keep going.”

One Response to “Keeping, going”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Hey,Big Brother I think you should do as the
    dortor tells you and book yourself in to the
    Hospital for a good all round checkup.
    Love you,Sharon

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