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Barefoot and enigmatic

September 23, 2009

Hi All,
Indeed, Tony has been outside the hospital for a few hours at time, with the permission of his doctor. Since his feet and legs are swollen, his shoes — and even his socks — don’t fit. Hence the bare feet. I visited with him yesterday and the swelling seems to be receding , so he hopes that he may fit into something today. (He’s normally a 13 size shoe and he figured he’d need a 16EEE to fit his feet when they were at their worst.) So, even with bare feet, he’s quite clear-headed, as far as he ever is, anyway.  🙂

Why he doesn’t, at least, wrap his feet in bandages is beyond me — I certainly suggested that he do so.

Medically, his problems seem to be circulatory. His lungs are being drained of fluid regularly, and the volumes of fluid are notably large.Thankfully, he does not appear to have tuberculosis, which had been a possible diagnosis.

His breathing is better and he tells me that he might even be at his perch on Ronces for at least a short while this afternoon. All in all, he’s tough as hell.


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