Tea and sympathy

April 19, 2009


“Got myself another ticket this morning.”


“Yup. Cop comes up to me, gives me a ticket for panhandling near a transit vehicle. You what the transit vehicle is? The streetcar; how am I gonna be on the side walk and not be near a street car. If you can figure that out, you could probably win the Nobel Prize.

“So as soon as the cop comes up to me and starts writing me up a ticket, six people come out of Timothy’s and start giving him hell but he says he’s’just doing my job. So he gives me the ticket and he feels so bad, he comes back and offers to buy me a coffee. So he bought me a tea.”

2 Responses to “Tea and sympathy”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Hey,Just to let you know Rose,Rick and Penny will be at my house on the weekend.

  2. rebeccadoll Says:

    Philip, its like you are a poet from another age, like Merlin, with the wisdom of all the ages gone by, sharing images and references and inside jokes that we the readers were never part of…

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