An enigmatic expression

December 18, 2008


“You remember the lady who slagged me on the blog a while back?  The one who said I had a nice apartment and I had a van and all that?”

“I think so.”

“Well she just gave me a toonie and a smile. Now explain that to me.”

2 Responses to “An enigmatic expression”

  1. JS Says:

    Christmas spirit?

  2. McGuire Says:

    Just discovered your blog by chance. It’s intriguing as fuck. I’m all the way over in Glasgow, Scotland, a little known poet, not worth a shit.

    Reading your blog, is quite unusual, in that I never expected to read about a homeless man or homeless men, where do you blog from? cafe? roominghouse?

    What made you decide to write your blog in the way you do? As in dialogue between, Tony and Philip?

    I’ll be back to read.

    take it easy it comes.

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