The shadow of the sun

August 4, 2008

“You should have seen what happened yesterday, just up Roncesvalles.”

“OK, I’ll take the bait. What happened yesterday?”

“Some people called 911 after they found me sleeping on a bench up there. Then the firetruck came to save me but, I’m telling you, I was so out I never even heard the siren or anything.”

“They what?”

“Well, they thought I had sunstroke, but i was just sleeping. You know I haven’t been getting much sleep lately. So anyway they woke me up finally and I just was so sleepy that I could hardly walk straight. And before you ask me, I’m gonna tell you I had nothing in me, not even one beer. I was just totally tired is all, I just couldn’t wake up properly.”

“So these people were really concerned about you.”

“Yeah, that happens sometimes.”

One Response to “The shadow of the sun”

  1. Dear,Tony Can you tell me how I can fine Tammy to see if she still has the pictures of Bruce and Karen.Philip has my e-mail address.

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