Fearsome food fight

June 23, 2008

“See this cut on my arm … I got it from a raccoon. I was sleeping outside a few days back and he came up to me and he tried to take my bag of food away; I mean the bag was right next to me. Well of course he wakes me up and no way I’m letting go of my bag — but he got me here before I chased him off. Those raccoons aren’t afraid of anything anymore.”

4 Responses to “Fearsome food fight”

  1. Tony did you go to the hospital for a tatnas shot, or you you tring to brave it out. Love your sister Sharon

  2. debbielynn Says:


    yow, looks like he took a good swipe at you. Keep an eye on it so it doesn’t show signs of infection or, as Sharon said, tetanus.

    I’m afraid of raccoons…I know they can be nasty. Cute, but nasty.

    Take care Tony.

  3. To: debbielynn thank you for the right spelling of tetanus , My spelling stinks, Thank you Sharon

  4. debbielynn Says:

    Sharon…n/p (I actually had to double check the dictionary myself).


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