Money to burn

June 30, 2008

“You see this cigar … a guy just came by and gave it to me. it’s a $65 Havana cigar. What am I supposed to do with a $65 cigar?

4 Responses to “Money to burn”

  1. James Herrmann Says:

    Tony, I love your blog. I am a student at Purdue University. I am studying poetry. I am telling you this because I am going to live homeless for my next 3 semesters at Purdue, where ever I can on campus. Then after I graduate in December of 09 I am going to travel the US living homeless. I wanted to tell you that because I’ve been reading homeless blogs and your blog is an inspiration to me.

  2. debbielynn Says:

    I think you should do what that person with the paperclip did….trade it up (via the internet) until you get a house. Seriously…give it a whirl.

    Hope you’re well. How’s that nasty raccoon scratch?

  3. Hello Tony , Sharon here write to you at bed time to find off how your arm is doing, take care love your little sister
    I read your blog every day

  4. debbielynn Says:

    Hi Sharon!!


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